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Devotional Guide for Tuesday, September 10

Philippians 1:3-6

When I was a teenager it was popular to wear a t-shirt that said: “Be patient, God isn’t finished with me yet”. This phrase, based on Philippians 1:6 was a disclaimer, in case a person “messed up”. Even though the saying was cute, the meaning in Scripture is a little different, for it describes a maturing progress in the Christian walk that takes place as the Holy Spirit enables us to be more like Christ each day, until He returns. The word “joy” is mentioned the first time in this letter in verse 4. It describes Paul’s feelings as he remembers and prays for those who received his message many years earlier, and partnered with him in his ministry, even from the first day on. Their partnership continued through financial and practical means while he was with them and while he was in prison. This partnership in the Gospel was the result of Christian growth and the reason for Paul’s joy.

As you think of spiritual growth, whose spiritual life brings you joy? Thank God for them!
As you think of those who have come alongside you, who is in your heart because they have become partners? Praise God for them!

Jerilyn Bayer


  • For those who need to be encouraged in heart and united in love.
  • Pray through the prayer page in our program.
  • Pray for Pastor Dan, our Lead Team Pastor and his family. 
  • Pray for our Hospitality Coordinator, Irene Dickau.
  • Pray for our Daycare in its service to children and their families this week.  Pray for the director, Kristy Thomas. 
  • Pray for our office staff: Robin Radke and Naomi Voss; Bookkeeper Lynette Carlson.
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