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Devotional Guide for Wednesday, September 11

Phillippians 1:7-11

As we plunge into today’s passage, we are reminded that the ‘therefore’ points us to grasp the previous thought, that Jesus humbled Himself to joyfully and lovingly come to fulfil the calling that was upon Him. His motivation was love for us, the lost. Psalm 51:17 and Isaiah 66:2 tell us that God looks for those who are humble in heart. They are the ones that ‘get it’. Those with a passionate connection to Jesus, already willingly bow their knee to His glory. The previously cited passage also indicates a trembling. I recall hiking once and as I turned the corner, I encountered a grizzly. I trembled; my body had an emotional reaction that caused it to quiver uncontrollably. I’ve also witnessed people tremble when they’ve encountered someone they identify as being way beyond great. Their emotions overtake their physical body. There will come a time that everyone will tremble before Jesus, some with joy, some with regret. Our calling today is to accept a level of humbleness that is only possible through the Lordship of Jesus, so that we can go to the very lost with a confession of grace and hope that Jesus makes available. Who will you love enough to go to in humility? 

Pastor Dan


  • Pray for the Prime Minister, Premier Kenney, Mayor Iveson, your MP, your MLA, and any other government officials God brings to mind.
  • Pray for Dave Schneider, our Youth Ministry Pastor. 
  • Pray for Karen Alksne, our Congregational Life Intern.
  • Pray for our Congregational Life Pastor, Mike Bartusek and his family. 
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