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Devotional Guide for Thursday, February 20

Matthew 12:46-50

I’ve always wondered what it must have been like for Jesus’ mom and siblings when they heard His response in this passage: “who is my mother and who are my brothers?” I think I might have been offended by this type of response and maybe would have wondered who Jesus thought He was to respond like that.  But at the heart of what Jesus was saying is that a person’s family relationship or even a genealogical relationship to Israel does not guarantee a place in the kingdom of heaven. Each individual must respond to the will of the Father and obey Jesus’ call to the kingdom, and that is true for us today.  

Have you made the decision to follow Jesus with your full life or are you living under your family’s faith covering and haven’t made your own commitment to Jesus?    

Pastor Terry

Kristi TenClay- NAB Cameroon
I continue to work at Rain Forest International School (RFIS) in Yaounde, Cameroon where I have been since 2010.  We work to provide a high quality Christian education (grades 7-12) that will prepare students for the next stage of life.  Our primary purpose revolves around meeting the needs of missionary families, but about half of our kids come from beyond the community to include those from both the local community and the greater international community. At the end of June, I stepped into the position of Interim Director for the school, and am taking on that role in a more permanent capacity.  Please pray for me as I continue to learn how to fulfil this very different role and for our whole school during this time of transition.  Also, pray for our ever-present need for teachers!  We have several long-term staff members who will be retiring this year and in the coming few so our need for teachers is even higher than normal.

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