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Preparation for Sunday, February 23

John 7:37-39, Jeremiah 2:13

Today Pastor Lyle will begin a new series of sermons entitled, “Seeing Clearly the Songs We Sing.”  In the upcoming weeks, we will look at a number of songs we regularly sing and reflect on the biblical themes they develop.  We begin today with the hymn, “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing” and see how it describes God as the true source of life.    


  • In what ways do the passages above point to God as the true “Fountain of Every Blessing”?  
  • What might be some ways you look for life outside of the life God offers?  What does it mean to you to intentionally look to God as the true source of life?
  • After listening to this morning’s message, how do you believe God is asking you to respond?  
  • Ask God to work in the hearts of all who will be attending our services today.

Pastor Lyle


  • Pray for all who will be involved in our services today.
  • Pray that God would effectively be at work in our church and in all His churches throughout our city today. 
  • Pray for our Children’s Ministry Director, Jerilyn Bayer, her interns Bailey Garbutt, Blythe Knapczyk, Emma Chang, Katia Huellstrung, Kesia Silva, Kiersten Moline, Precious Okome, Sunita Faszer, and her Ministry Assistant Annette Faszer.
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