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Preparation for Sunday, April 15

Preparation for Sunday

Read Mark 4:35-41

Today Pastor Lyle will resume his series “Walking With Jesus” by exploring this story where Jesus stilled a dangerous storm.  It is important to note that the storm hit the disciples when they were exactly where Jesus asked them to be.  This serves as a powerful reminder that walking with God does not promise us immunity from struggles.  It does, however, provide assurance of God’s presence no matter what we face.


  • What did the disciples learn about Jesus as they experienced His powerful presence in the midst of their fear?
  • After listening to this morning’s message, how do you believe God is asking you to respond?
  • Ask God to work in our congregation and in your heart as we gather to worship Him today.


  • Pray for all who will be involved in our services today.
  • Pray that God would effectively be at work in our church and in all His churches throughout our city today.
  • Pray for our Children’s Ministry Director, Jerilyn Bayer and her interns Emily Okken, Bailey Garbutt, Joel Faszer, Amanda Supina, Naomi Stanaway, Kimberly Richardson, Mitchell Buyer, and Kiersten Moline.
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