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Devotional Guide for Thursday, August 9

2 Samuel 16:1-4


In an hour of extreme need, God provides for David.  Interestingly, the provision comes with questionable motives (2 Samuel 19:24-30) at a time where David is arguably suffering in part for his own sin.  Such is the grace of God; it’s unearned and often shows up in surprising ways. 


Where has God acted like this in your life and our community?  Give thanks!  Is God leading you or I to be His hands and feet of mercy somewhere right now as an answer to someone else’s prayer?  Let’s be quick to be doing His will!

Tim Pippus


Joost and Cheryl Pikkert - Wycliffe Bible Translators/NAB Indonesia. Joost and Cheryl are NAB/Wycliffe missionaries ministering among rural and remote communities in Indonesia.  They work in partnership with the local church as well as other Indonesian organizations as they promote Bible translation, set up educational programs, introduce new vegetable varieties and promote the use of solar power for rural and remote communities.  Their multinational team presently ministers in five different language groups.  Their son Quinn lives with them in Indonesia and their daughter Charlotte is presently studying in the U.S.  For fun they snorkel, beach camp, swim with whale sharks, read and hike in the mountains.  Please pray that through this ministry people will be introduced to Jesus Christ, mature in their faith, and gain the necessary skills to face the globalizing effects that are unsettling many of these rural and remote communities.

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