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Devotional Guide for Thursday, September 13

Acts 4:32-37
This is such a rich passage with so many nuggets that could be expanded upon. I encourage you to take time to pause and let this passage speak to you and see what God is drawing out of it for you.  But today I would like us to look at the idea that no one claimed any of their possessions as their own.  We live in a time when, if we need something we just go out and buy it.  But what if we were to look at our “stuff” (tools, kitchen appliances, home, clothes, car, etc.) as belonging to God and to the greater community?  What would it look like if instead of buying or renting a needed tool, you asked your neighbour if they had one and if you could use it?  Or if you were to tell your neighbours what resources you have and that they can borrow them at any time?  I love how the passage indicates the sharing of the Gospel took place in amongst the sharing of their resources, and I’m sure sharing the resources opened the door for other conversations about needs in their lives.

Ask God to reveal a next step for you in regard to sharing your possessions.

Pastor Terry

  • This week we are highlighting ourselves as the ‘Missionary of the Week’. Every week here at McKernan we have amazingly skilled and gifted people that gather together to worship God, desiring to shun the comfortable and embrace the challenge that will cause us to truly rely upon God to attain something that is otherwise not possible; something that is of greater significance than personal achievement. By the gift and grace of God, you have what it takes to tackle the complex problems of this city and beyond.  Take the time today to engage with the ministry opportunities highlighted at the Ministry Fair. Come and see what the Lord is doing and is inviting you to join with, because you are our ‘Missionary of the Week’!
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