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Devotional Guide for Thursday, November 8

Acts 25:23-26:1

Last week we read what would happen to Paul if he went to Jerusalem.  Today we pick up the story and find that Paul is still in custody.  Felix didn’t release him, and Festus is now needing to deal with the situation.  The challenge for Festus is that the charge against Paul is political, but the evidence given involves the Jewish religion.  Festus is not an expert in Jewish religion, so Agrippa II is invited to give Festus advice. This part of Paul’s story reminds me of how sometimes the plans of God don’t make sense to us in the moment.  How is this helping Paul or even the Gospel message?  Paul has had opportunity to be released but chose to keep pressing the issue to a higher authority.  What I am drawn to is the resolution Paul demonstrates in that he believes he is doing exactly what God has called him to do. Paul is not allowing the tough and uncomfortable situations he is in deter him from being obedient to God.    

Pastor Terry


Paul Tan - Navigators  
The goal of the Navigators is to make disciples of Christ who make disciples who make disciples. Having experienced the wonder of the gospel of Jesus and the impact of one-on-one discipling, Paul Tan is committed to coming alongside others to discover Jesus by exploring the gospel and the Bible in environments of grace, helping believers grow as apprentices of Jesus so that they can be Christ’s ambassadors next door to everywhere (in classrooms, neighbourhoods and workplace). Presently, he also provides supervision and shepherding as team leader of Edmonton City Navigators staff team, and coach to Navigator ministry in Saskatoon.  Pray for men and women with complimentary gifts to form a Navigator staff team at the U of A.  Pray for the gospel to advance among students and their friends producing lasting fruits.

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