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Converge is our Young Adults worship night at McKernan Baptist, held once a month when we join with The Crossing Ministry. Converge is open to young adults from the age of 18 to mid-30s. The heart of Converge is to create a context in which young adults can join together and worship God with others in a similar stage of life. Our theme for this year at Converge is “Have it All.” We will be exploring what it means to live in complete surrender to God in different areas of our lives such as finances, dating & relationships, career & vocation etc.

General - Converge 

The Heart of Converge

Written by Calvin Elias (Converge Lead Team)

“Q: What is the chief end of man? A: Man’s chief end is to glorify God, and to enjoy Him forever.” (Westminster Shorter Chatechism)

At the very heart of Converge, the monthly gathering hosted jointly by College and Career and The Crossing, are the complementary desires to glorify God simply because He is worthy of our worship, and to grow in community.

If we truly believe that God is who says He is, then our entire lives will be lived out in worship as a response to Him who is worthy.  Gathering together and lifting up our voices together in music and prayer is one of the biblical expressions of worship that has been a tradition among the people of God throughout history; it is incredible to think of the privilege it is to add our voices to the eternal chorus of praises to our God.

The second overarching goal of Converge is for there to be growth both as and within the community of Young Adults at McKernan (and a few other Churches in our denomination).  Incorporating times of shared testimonies, small group discussions and prayer, and even the opportunities to simply hang out with one another. These are all ways that we seek to build relationships and a sense of community, as well as along each of us to be encouraged in our own faith by our fellow sisters and brothers in Christ.  This focus on community carries through to the topics of the messages that are being shared every month; taking our cues from Acts 2:42-47, we have looked at and will continue to explore different aspects of what it means to be gospel-centered community.

It is an exciting time to be a part of God’s church here at McKernan as there are many areas in which God’s hand at work is evident and it is a privilege to see how He is at work through Converge, all for the glory of His name!


McKernan is a big church and it can be hard to build relationships. Because of this, we will be launching Converge groups. Converge Groups are groups open to anyone age 18-mid 30’s. These groups will be affinity based and open to all. We have confirmed that we will be having a board games group, a health & fitness group, a ‘house church’ community, and an evangelism group. Check out Converge to find out how to get involved with these groups! We also have interest in groups like a young marrieds group or a creative worship expression group. If you would like to be involved in leadership of something like this, please contact Pastor Daunavan