Ministries Bible Studies

Soul Craft: Ephesians Bible study

Wednesday evenings, 6:30 (supper) 7-9pm (course), Jan.23 – March 13, 2019

Chapel (2nd level) 

Course description: Soul Craft is one way of describing the journey of Spiritual formation. Spiritual formation is the process of transformation of the deepest dimension of the human being. The craving within each soul is to be fully authentic to its created purpose, which is worshipful intimacy with God. The pursuit of ‘being transformed into Christ’s likeness’ is made possible through the grace of Jesus and the determined desire of His followers.

Spiritual formation includes both individual and community components. Through a study of Ephesians, this course will provide occasion for each person to explore where God has been at work in their own life and offer the occasion to engage with assessment tools for greater self-awareness. As well, interaction within a group environment will enhance the ability to listen and support the unique journey of each person. Two principal questions to be considered in this course are: where has God already been at work in my life? How may I join Him in the crucial work of having my soul formed for His glory? These questions and other expectations will be engaged with through class lectures, small group interactions, readings and individual reflections.

*Denotes Required Field