Ministries Missions & Outreach

Desert Streams

 The Desert Streams Healing Retreat will run from Thursday evening June 24, until Saturday afternoon June 26. The retreat will be hosted here at McKernan Baptist. 

Desert Streams Healing Retreats bring together a small group (approx. 10-14) of people seeking healing with a group of Ministry Team members from Desert Streams. During the retreat the participants receive five teaching sessions on key, fundamental topics related to healing and discipleship. In addition, each participant receives approximately 5 hours of personal ministry from a team of 2-3 Ministry Team members.

The cost of attending a healing retreat is $150/person. 

Those wishing to apply for the retreat must fill out and submit a Personal Ministry Application form,

Individuals who have been accepted to a healing retreat submit a $100 deposit to Desert Streams to have a spot held for them.

Desert Streams will set aside 10 spots in this retreat for McKernan Baptist people. Please note on the applications for that you are from McKernan Baptist.

Contact Desert Streams today to inquire more about our Healing Retreat.