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Timothy Keller (September 23, 1950 – May 19, 2023) made an incredible impact in this world for the glory of God. His passing away leaves a tremendous void in the promising movement to transform evangelicalism, and many might conclude that today’s social and political currents make the prospect for change seem dim. Keller’s kindness and love for Jesus, the church and all humans continues to make a significant hope-filled impact.

This fall, in honour of Keller’s tremendous contribution, we are offering two powerful book studies. Making Sense of God (completed October 25) and Generous Justice (launching November1).

Generous Justice - It is commonly thought in secular society that the Bible is one of the greatest hindrances to doing justice. Isn’t it full of regressive views? Didn’t it condone slavery? Why look to the Bible for guidance on how to have a more just society?

But Timothy Keller sees it another way. In Generous Justice, Keller explores a life of justice empowered by an experience of grace: a generous, gracious justice. Here is a book for believers who find the Bible a trustworthy guide as well as those who suspect that Christianity is a regressive influence in the world.

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 Please purchase your own "Generous Justice" book for this study.

Wednesday evenings 6:30pm (supper) – 8:30pm.

Nov.1 – Dec.6, 2023

McKernan Baptist Church Hospitality Area

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