Child Development Centre Welcome

McKernan Child Development Centre


It is a privilege to operate as a ministry of McKernan Baptist Church knowing that with their support, we are better able to share God’s love in a practical way to families in Edmonton.  As a ministry of MBC, operations and larger decisions are overseen by the MBC board in consultation of the director and the executive pastor who oversees her role.  All parents are invited to share their views via the parent reps and are encouraged to attend the annual parent meetings held twice a year. 


Children, families, and educators learning and growing together.

Our Vision:

Our goal is to share God’s love in a practical way to all families while showcasing a team of professionals that excels in the field of Early Learning and childcare.  As a team, it is our desire to share the importance of our profession to our community and appreciate the opportunity to learn along with the children in our care. We envision a program that showcases quality in these ways:

Staff Team/Educators:

  • select staff that are educated in the field of Early Learning and Childcare.
  • facilitate a working environment that supports and promotes professional standards (PD days, planning and documentation time, providing resources, etc)
  • challenge our team to reach their potential as educators
  • encourage and mentor students within the Early Learning and Childcare field as they further their skills
  • maintain a supportive and caring environment that values each team member as a vital piece to our success (resources, celebrating milestones & successes, collaboration).

Environment/ Play Space:

  • provide an environment that encourages and supports curiosity, wonder, exploration and imagination
  • utilize natural elements that engage children’s natural capacity for learning and provide a sense of calm and wellbeing
  • maintain a safe and inviting space for children, families and educators to spend time in

Planning & Programming:

  • provide meaningful learning experiences for children
  • build on children’s current knowledge and offer opportunities for further development of skills
  • recognize children’s individual needs and plan a program that supports their developmental stage
  • take time to learn from children and collaborate with families
  • learn from other programs and philosophies
  • build nurturing relationships with the children in our care


 We look forward to meeting you soon!