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Devotional Guide October 7

Monday, October 7
1 Thessalonians 2:13-16

It is said that imitation is the highest form of flattery. We often imitate those whom we respect, or who we want to be more like. Sometimes we make wise choices in who we want to imitate, other times we do not. Children will more often than not take on the habits, attitudes and mannerisms of parents; this can sometimes show up in the most inopportune moments.

Paul commends the Thessalonians in how they chose a good role model, in the churches from Judea. Who are you modeling your life after? Who is looking to you as a role model?

Pray for Pastor Lyle, his family and ministry.
Pray for Eric Peters, Facility Manager; Custodians, Adit Gamble, Stan Goodnough and Anne King; Maintenance, Joe Richards.
Pray for our Church Board members: Barbara Whidden, Bee Stiansen, Cam Klapstein, Darryl Sparling, Gerhard Hiob, Julie Leverette, Matt Barker, Matt Chute, Mike Pedde, Nick Mitchell, Seth Jansen, and Tyler Elmgren.
Pray for our office staff: Robin Radke and Naomi Voss; Bookkeeper Lynette Carlson.

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