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Devotional Guide for Friday, November 8

Jonah 1

Today we are starting to journey through the story of Jonah, the unwilling prophet. Jonah’s story is one that we are probably quite familiar with, but I hope in these few days we go through it that God will shine some fresh light on this story. Why do you think it’s easy for us to run from God? One of the things that sets the story of Jonah apart is his unwillingness to go where God was calling him to go. It’s kind of freeing, actually, to read a Bible story that shows us a character like this, because it’s easy to relate. While we may not have as clear a direction or command from God to go to a specific person or place, I think we can run from God in the small things: the promptings of the Holy Spirit to have a conversation with someone who doesn’t know Him, that nagging feeling when we are doing something we know we shouldn’t, the fear that overwhelms us when God is leading us to something that involves risk. What strikes me about this story is that Jonah didn’t have an ‘in-between’ or grey option. He could either run towards God and be obedient to Him or run away from God (where God would be anyways) and face the discipline he deserved. 

How do you respond when God calls you to do something uncomfortable or different? Where do you run when those things happen? What would it look like to run towards God and where He is leading you as opposed to other directions?

Pastor Daunavan


  • Pray for our Lead Team Pastor, Terry Okken. 
  • Pray for Erin Gibbard, Youth Ministry Assistant.
  • Pray for all our small group leaders, and our Small Group Intern Isaac Lee. 
  • Pray for the ministry of International Student Ministries.
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