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Devotional Guide for Thursday, May 21

Psalm 48


“As we have heard, so have we seen…” (v8). In the middle of this passage is this central verse. “As we have heard” tells us how the stories of God at work in the past are important. The importance of hearing and knowing God has been at work in the past gives us hope. “…so have we seen…” brings the stories of the past into first-hand experience of our own encounters with God. You have probably had people in your life who are older than you who have talked about real encounters with God, how God was active in their decision making and outcome of their lives. I’m guessing it encouraged you to trust in God. Now it’s our turn to be sharing the stories of God’s faithfulness in our own lives for the next generation so they too can exclaim, “As we have heard, so have we seen…”.   

Pastor Terry

Pray for Calmar Community Baptist Church
2020 is an exciting year as our church is celebrating its 10th anniversary. This milestone reminds me again of the blessings of faithful and generous support from our fellow ABA churches. Over the months of December-February we averaged 50 people on Sunday mornings. We are still seeking the Lord’s direction for our future in our current building.  At this point our lease has ended and we are paying rent month to month.
Praise God for people who are earnestly seeking out their personal faith (especially in “hearing from God”), and those joyfully engaged in ministries and leadership. Pray for the gospel to be clearly seen and heard in all the ministry opportunities. Pray for our church as we intentionally seek to clarify our vision for serving in Calmar. Pray for God to raise up board members to replace those whose terms have ended.

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