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Devotional Guide for Thursday, October 15

Isaiah 32:1-8


In today’s passage we read what it looks like when leaders have their hearts set on God first and not on how everything can serve their own needs. This passage doesn’t have to be just about leaders, but it could also be about you and me. If we are in step with God and living as He would want us to live, we could be the very things to the people around us that this passage talks about. We could be shelter from the wind, a refuge from the storm, streams of water and shade in the desert. Over the past 2 years we have had the privilege of having people in our lives be these very things to us as we walked through some very hard things, and what a difference it has made in our lives.


As you think about your own walk, how are you being a shelter, a refuge, a stream of water or shade in the desert to the people around you? How are you extending God’s love to those around you through these four very practical ways?

Pastor Terry

Pray for Yuri Nakano

While still in Canada, I am concentrating on women’s ministry. After completing a vision plan, I am now trying to implement some of the goals I have set out for this year. I have started mentoring some key leaders in women’s ministry in our Japan Baptist Conference through regular internet meetings. Shan Reed is continuing to lead the ladies’ seminars on her own without me and is doing a very good job. We continue to discuss and collaborate on the seminars as we seek wisdom on how to proceed during this pandemic. Pray for wisdom to use this time of waiting to go back to Japan to be as productive as possible for ministry in Japan. Pray that international borders would open up again and my visa application to Japan would begin and go smoothly. Pray the message I gave to the youth in Japan on August 13 via Zoom would truly encourage them to trust in the Lord during these uncertain days.

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