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Devotional Guide for Thursday, September 23

Romans 8:1-8


As we start this chapter, we are greeted with a great encouragement. “Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus” (v1). We are reminded that Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection allow us to escape the condemnation that came to be through Adam’s sin.
While this is such an encouragement, Paul goes on to say that even though those who are in Christ Jesus can experience no condemnation, we still have a very real battle to pay attention to.
Will we be someone who chooses to allow our mind to pursue a life influenced by our sinful nature, or will we be people seeking to be led by the Spirit? Verse 6 gives us the very clear answer to what happens if we have a mind controlled by our sinful nature or by the Spirit.


Today, take some time to ask God to reveal to you what is controlling your mind.                             

Pastor Terry

Pray for Aaron Albu – Athletes in Action

Aaron serves with Athletes in Action (AIA) as part of a worldwide team that mentors and disciples professional and university athletes across 40 countries. Aaron currently serves as the campus director for AIA Edmonton.  He leads campus ministry initiatives at the University of Alberta, MacEwan University, and The King’s University. Aaron also serves as a chaplain with Edmonton’s professional soccer team, FC Edmonton.
Aaron’s weekly duties include preparing and hosting Bible studies and leadership development programs for Kings athletes, mentoring varsity athletes from the U of A and MacEwan and serving the spiritual needs of professional athletes with chapel messages and mentorship.
Thank you for your partnership in the gospel, McKernan Baptist!

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