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Devotional Guide for Friday, September 24

Romans 8:9-17


This amazing passage is rich in its description of what is made available to all true followers of Christ. While so much could be said to encourage us in our Christian walk, let me highlight two powerful truths. First, we are indwelt by the “Spirit who raised Jesus from the dead” (v11).  We have available to us the power to live as Christ calls us to live. Rather than think it is up to us to overcome our struggle with sin, we are invited to turn to God and ask for His empowerment and inner transformation in our lives.
Second, the same Spirit assures us of our adoption as sons and daughters of God (vv15-16). We are not left alone as orphans to figure out life. Our God and Maker has brought us into His family, and we can approach Him honestly, sharing our heart’s longings to Him as a young child would talk to a loving father.
If you’re feeling defeated or alone in your walk with God, let these truths sink deep into your inner being. You are indwelt by the Spirit of God who assures you of God’s love and active empowering presence made available to you every day.


How do these truths encourage you today? Take some time to thank God for the gift of His Spirit.
Where are you currently struggling?  Are you trying to overcome this struggle alone or are you honest with God, asking His Spirit to bring the transformation you need?

Pastor Lyle

  • Pray for our College & Career interns, Kiersten Moline and Alyssa Schroth.
  • Pray for our Lead Team Pastor, Terry Okken and his family.
  • Pray for Pastor Dan, our Lead Team Pastor and his family. Pray for his intern, David Unsworth.
  • Pray for the continuing ministry of International Student Ministries.
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