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Devotional Guide for Thursday, January 13

Luke 3:1-14


“…Prepare the way for the Lord,…” (v4). John’s message was very clear. You need to make ready your heart and life for the coming of the Lord.

John knew that it would take a softened heart from the people he was preaching to for them to respond to the gospel. He called them to repentance.

We are a long way away from the Jordan River, and from the days of John calling people to repentance, but his message is still important for us to hear and heed today.

The people asked John what they should do, and he gave them examples of what producing fruit in keeping with repentance looked like. As you reflect on your own life, how prepared is your heart to receive the gospel? How prepared are you to respond to Jesus?               

Pastor Terry

Pray for Brett & Riana Loewen – Power to Change

Brett and Riana Loewen serve at the University of Alberta with the university student ministry Power to Change (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ). Power to Change exists to help students take their next step towards Jesus. We long to see every student walking closer to Jesus and experiencing life in Him.
Brett and Riana have a passion to help students know and experience Jesus, seeing His relevance in all of life. They live out this desire as they disciple Christian students, lead Bible studies, care for students in the larger student body, and create spaces for students to discover Jesus. Brett and Riana have two amazing sons named Everett and Max. In their spare time, Brett and Riana love reading, exploring the mountains and enjoying a good cup of coffee. Pray for wisdom and creativity as Brett plans a mission trip in Edmonton this May in partnership with local ministries to the vulnerable.

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