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Devotional Guide for Thursday, May 12

Joshua 24:1-15


I have always appreciated passages like this--passages that remind the people who were there and we who are reading, who God is, what God has done, and what God promises to do in the future.

Joshua speaks over the tribes of Israel the words God gives him and then in verse 14, transitions from the words of the Lord to the challenge that lies before them. Who will you serve and worship?

I find verse 15 to be a great “line in the sand” verse. After being reminded of all that God has done for them personally and for their ancestors, the question is now before them. Is serving the Lord undesirable to you?

To serve and worship the Lord meant to serve and worship the Lord ONLY. Not part-time or partially, but wholeheartedly. There is no picking what parts you want and what you want to ignore.

As you ponder today’s passage, how will you respond to Joshua’s challenge of verses 14-15?

Pastor Terry

Pray for Pregnancy Counselling Centre -

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