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College & Career

Welcome to College & Career at McKernan 

We know that these are crazy days, so we want to give young adults lots of different opportunities to connect, both in person and online. Please join us! 

Large Group Bible Studies 

Check back regularly to see upcoming studies.


Triads are gender-based groups of 3 that would meet regularly (likely every other week), with the purpose of discipleship, growth and deeper community. In many ways, these three things represent the heart of C&C this year. If you already have an existing friend group and you would like us to come alongside you, please register as a group as we would love to come alongside your friend group!

There is no set curriculum for these triads,  but growth doesn’t happen accidentally! So, we have laid out many ideas, options and tools for you to work with as a group. Being intentional with your group’s direction and vision is important, so we ask your group to pick a focus/path moving forward. We want you to go together as a group where God calls you to.

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In-Person Events

Dates/Details subject to change, but this is what we are aiming for! 

Resurgence Worship Nights (at Church at South Edmonton)

Resurgence is a City-wide multi-denominational worship gathering that meets monthly. We will be joining them for their worship/teaching nights this semester! 

Register for each individual event at 

Small Groups

We have a few spots open in our young adult small groups and this year we will have both online and in-person small groups. If you are interested in joining a small group please email Daunavan Buyer.