Ministries Youth (Grades 7-12)

Youth Fall Kickoff Retreat 2021

October 2, 2021 at the Klapstein Farm

*Denotes Required Field

This is going to be an awesome day for us as students and leaders to really have FUN, be crazy, eat good food, build deeper friendships, and set the tone for the year ahead. We are going to head out to the Klapstein’s farm for the day. A big tent, lots of games, worship, learning, good food, and great people are some of the things you can expect!

Who? All students grades 7-12

What? Youth Fall Kickoff Retreat

Where? Klapstein’s Farm (51049-Range Rd 244)

When? Saturday, October 2, 2021

We will meet at the farm on Saturday at 2pm. Students can be picked up in the same location at 9:30pm. Click HERE for a map. We will provide dinner and snacks so please eat lunch before you come.

Cost? $25/Student.

Payment can be made the following ways:

Cheque made out to McKernan Baptist Church

E-transfer to (specify "Youth Retreat" in your message)

Pay online after submitting this form.

What to bring:

  • Wear clothes and shoes you can run around in and get a bit dirty
  • Warm jacket and layers as we will be outside all day
  • Camp chair/blanket
  • Water bottle
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Youth Fall Kickoff Retreat– October 2, 2021 @ Klapstein Farm (51049-Range Rd 244)

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