Ministries Children and Family

Grades 5-6

Location: Lower floor of McKernan Baptist Church

Times Available: Sunday mornings during both services

Grade 5 and 6 children are as unique as any other group that we have within our children’s ministry. However, this can be an awkward stage of life: too old to be a part of the younger children’s program and not quite old enough to join the youth group functions.

We want our grade 5 and 6’s to develop an identity both as individuals and as a group fully devoted to Christ. We have dedicated young men and women who get to know your children and minister to them in ways that meet their needs.

Your child may be invited to participate in a "junior youth" (Route 56) type activity from time to time and even have one of our volunteers meet them at your home to further impact them for Christ.

The group engages in an intimate and fun singing time. The teaching is built around a framework of creative Bible teaching in a Large Group setting while concentrating on applying these truths to their daily lives in a Small Group setting.

This junior youth group setting will be sure to be a great experience for your child! 

When you arrive:

Children will arrive and worship with their leader alongside the rest of the congregation during the first part of the service.  Just prior to the sermon, they will make their way to their classroom where they will continue to learn about God's love and grace. On the first Sunday of every month, they are invited to spend the full service with their families.

Our Volunteers:

Each of our volunteers has had a police background security check to ensure the highest integrity.

Pick-up Procedures

Children are released once the church service has completed. Parents are welcome to come get them as they see fit.