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Sunday Program - July 12, 2020

Welcome to McKernan Baptist Church!  We are glad you have joined us for our online service.  Today we’ll take a closer look at the familiar story of “David and Goliath” as Pastor Lyle continues a series of sermons entitled, “When Disruptions Hit.”  We can all relate to times when unexpected challenges disrupt our plans.  Yet before we too quickly label every inconvenience as a “giant” we must face, we need to understand the Bible does not depict Goliath as a threat to Israel’s comfort as much as a challenge to God’s purposes.  Seen in this light, the story offers important perspective on the challenges we face and the way God works in the midst of them. 

David said to the Philistine, “You come against me with sword and spear and javelin, but I come against you in the name of the Lord Almighty.”

- I Samuel 17:45

Interpretation and application of this great story will suffer if we leap too quickly to “victory over our Goliaths” as a metaphor for whatever wistful ailments…we encounter in our regular, everyday experiences.  Such applications will be anemic and miss the grand and powerful themes of this text…Christians should not be surprised when they encounter opposition to what God has called them to do.  The Bible teaches in a variety of ways that there will often be challenges to God’s sovereign rule in the world…David had divinely guided insight that others lacked…He was motivated by his zeal for God and his faith in God’s character…His conviction that God would defeat the Philistine aggressor made it possible for him to stand alone in the face of overwhelming odds.

- Bill Arnold, 1&2 Samuel, NIV App Commentary

I have a point of view.  You have a point of view.  God has a view.

                             - Madeleine L’Engle, A Wrinkle in Time (Accessed on

God incarnate is the end of fear, and the heart that realizes that He is in the midst will be quiet in the middle of alarm.

- FB Meyer (Accessed on

Life is not a straight line leading from one blessing to the next and then finally to heaven. Life is a winding and troubled road. Switchback after switchback. And the point of biblical stories like Joseph and Job and Esther and Ruth is to help us feel in our bones (not just know in our heads) that God is for us in all these strange turns. God is not just showing up after the trouble and cleaning it up. He is plotting the course and managing the troubles with far-reaching purposes for our good and for the glory of Jesus Christ.

- John Piper, A Sweet and Bitter Providence (Accessed on

Every evening I turn my troubles over to God.  He’s going to be up all night anyway.

- Donald Morgan (Accessed on


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Missionary of the Week


Crystal Dueck - Greater Europe Mission Germany

 My church and I would love prayer as we continue to go forward into new normals, for the church. As we figure out how ministry should look, how we start up other programs that we had going before Corona, how we bring people back into the church, and much more. Pray for myself as I figure out new normals again and new aspects of my job. Praise God for my supporters, individuals and churches, and praise God that I only lost one during Corona, but they will rejoin as he starts work again. And I also gained a new one this week!

- excerpt from recent blog post. To read the whole entry, CLICK HERE.


Prayer Items

  • Pray for wisdom as we respond to the impact Covid is having on our community and our world.  
  • Pray for our Relaunch Team as they meet and discuss what steps to take as we move towards relaunching in-person services and events.  
  • Pray for Backyard Bible Clubs that are scheduled to start at the end of July. 
  • Pray for the MOBY Mexico Team that was scheduled to leave today, and pray for the Becerra's church that our team was planning to work with in Mexico City.  
  • Pray for Crystal Dueck, our missionary of the week, as she continues to serve a church in Germany.

Sermon Outline 



I Samuel 17


  • Today we continue a series of sermons looking at examples of “disruption” in the Bible. In a very familiar story, Goliath threatened to radically disrupt the well-being of Israel.  His challenge, which needs to be seen as targeted against the purposes of God (v. 45), caused a sense of overwhelming and paralyzing fear until David stepped forward with eyes of faith that saw God’s truth and acted accordingly.

When unexpected challenges threaten to paralyze us, we can move forward with…


Confidence in God’s Character

  • While most of the Israelite army saw only the size of the problem, David saw the size of God.
  • Like David, we can have confidence in the truth that God is

...alive and powerfully active (v. 26)

…faithful to His good purposes (vs. 34-36)


Confidence in God’s Promises

  • There are details in this story (vs. 4,23) that let us know Goliath is a descendant of the tribe of “giants” that God had promised to deliver to Israel (Num. 13:1,28,33; Josh. 11:21-22). David moved forward with confidence in this promise.
  • Like David, we can have confidence in God’s promises to us, specifically the promises of

…His active presence (Mt. 28:20)

…His ultimate victory (Heb. 11:39-40)


Confidence in God’s Resources

  • While Saul tried to fit David into his armour and his way of fighting, David rejected this and moved forward in God-given resources.
  • Like David, we can move forward

...with prayer (v. 45)

…just as God has made us and in the opportunities He gives us (v. 48-49)

…with the support of godly people God places around us (1 Sam. 22:1-2)


Discussion/Reflection Questions

  • What are some challenges in your world that tend to paralyze you or derail you in your walk of faith?
  • Why do you think we tend to often focus on the size of our challenges while forgetting the greatness of God?
  • What are some attributes of God that speak to you in the midst of your challenges? Why?
  • What difference should it make to remember that God has promised His people His faithful presence now and ultimate victory beyond this life?
  • What prayerful step might God be asking you to take in the midst of a current challenge you are facing?