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Sunday Program - July 25, 2021

Today we are continuing our series on the Psalms by looking at Psalm 118. This amazing Psalm is a declaration of a God who delivers and a God of abundant grace. This is also Pastor Daunavan’s last time preaching here as a Pastor and his life verse is contained in this Psalm, verse 17: "I will not die, but I will live and proclaim the works of the Lord". This Psalm is all about God’s grace. Pastor Daunavan is going to take some time today to share from his own testimony about how his life is marked by God’s grace. Then we are going to look at this Psalm and see that, truly, our lives are a gift and the expression of this gift is wholeheartedness in our devotion to Him. 

Psalm 118 is celebrating the Lord’s deliverance of the Hebrews from Egyptian bondage. It rightly looks back to that great event of redemption, but it also looks forward to the greater redemption provided by Jesus Christ in his death and resurrection. -

- Exalting Jesus in Psalm 101-150 commentary

Genuine faith can grow only where man has completely ceased to trust in men and hanker after earthly powers and temporal means of power, only where every human support has broken down and trust in God has become the only living force. Thus all feelings unite in a hymn testifying with deep gratitude to God, whose goodness has once more been brought vividly before them all, on which they can rely and from which they can draw comfort in every adversity.

-- Arthur Weiser Psalms

God will always be Himself and grace is an attribute of His holy being. He can no more hide His grace than the sun can hide its brightness. Men may flee from sunlight to the dark caves of the Earth, but they cannot put out the sun.

-- A.W. Tozer, The Knowledge of the Holy. 

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Backyard Bible Clubs- "The Great Kidmission"

Come see that God is the beginning and end. He is Saviour. We are “on Mission”. We have 5 club locations available:

  • July 27-29 from 10-11:30am, in Pleasantview
  • August 3-5 from 10-11:30am, in Bulyea Heights (FULL)
  • August 10-2 from 10-11:30am, in Millwoods
  • August 10-12 from 6:30-8:00pm, in Grovenor

Our program is geared for ages 5-12. To register your child in one of the clubs, please e-mail

Pastoral Role Search

There are currently two pastoral roles that we would like to fill. One is the Congregational Life Pastor to work with Pastor Mike. The other is the Young Adults Pastor. Both roles have had search teams formed and are preparing to post the ministry roles descriptions as soon as possible. Please be praying for the search team members. The role descriptions can be located here 

Internship Opportunities

McKernan’s internships are designed for those who desire to deepen in their gifts, calling, and experience by directly assisting a ministry staff team member. Whether pursuing development for vocational or volunteer ministry, interns will grow through immersion in the staff team and exposure to serving in various ways. Internship for Small Groups is available. For more information, check our website at

Worship and Tech Team Members Needed

We are looking to add a few new musicians and technicians to our Sunday morning services. We are especially in need of drummers. If you have experience with an instrument, vocals, or worship leadership please email Julia at If you have any interest in helping with videography, lighting, or sound, please email Grant at

Pew Movers & Cleaners Needed

As we eagerly anticipate our return to the Sanctuary, we now need to move the pews back. If you are able to help move pews or clean pews on Thursday, July 29 @ 6pm, please let Joe know ( Please RSVP so Joe knows how much pizza to supply.

Camp Caroline Getaways

This summer Camp Caroline is opening the camp to families of all stages and ages wanting to getaway together! These getaways will be different than our regular family camps or retreats. Families will set their own daily schedules. We will not be able to offer childcare or programming for just children/youth. Everything will be based on families being together as a household group. Families will be able to spend their days around camp or go on day adventures. Families can book either a 4-night getaway (Wednesday to Sunday) or a 2-night getaway (Friday to Sunday). They will have the option of purchasing meals, and we will offer limited activities. The health and safety of families and staff will be of the highest priority to us. For more information visit our website: .

Betrayal & Beyond Class for Women

A Betrayal & Beyond group is a place to process the pain and reality of women whose husband's struggle with sexual/pornography addiction. In this group we learn to process our pain, assess our trauma, and create a plan of restoration and healing.  Each Tuesday from 7:00-9:00 until the end of December, we will journey together.  We will be meeting in a lower classroom at McKernan Baptist Church.

For more info on Betrayal & Beyond groups, visit: For more information and to register for this group, please contact the church office.  The cost of the program is $30 to cover the materials.

Stephen Ministry

Stephen Ministry is recruiting for fall training.  If you feel called to walk with individuals through the hurting seasons of their lives, Stephen Ministry may be for you.  For more information or an application form, contact Pastor Mike.

Calling for Justice

Huge thank you to all those that journeyed along together for this impacting series. If you missed the series, or would like to see them again at If you want to continue to be involved, please contact Pastor Dan ( ).  

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Missionary of the Week

Mission Fest 

Mission Fest Alberta is an organization that organizes a 3 day oriented missions conference where people of all ages come together to be challenged, informed, and educated about global missions activities. Their goal is to help individuals find their place where their interests and abilities can best be put to use in the Great Harvest. Their purpose is to inform and celebrate what God is doing over the world, educate Christians about responsibilities and involvement in world evangelism and missions as well as challenge believers to pray, give, and go.

Unfortunately, Missions fest has been postponed this year till 2022, but... 

Prayer Items

  • Pray for God to move in the hearts and minds of all who attend and serve in our Backyard Bible clubs.  

  • Pray for wisdom and discernment for the Search Teams.  

  • Pray for Hope Mission and the work that they do around the city of Edmonton. 

Sermon Outline 

Pastor Daunavan Buyer

It’s all about God’s Grace
Psalm 118

Today’s Psalm is a reminder of the fact that no matter what we face, our trust, hope, security, and every breath is a gift of God’s grace. As we remember how God has been at work, we can face our circumstances with a confident assurance of the steadfast love, power, and victory we have in God. 

  • Give thanks to the Lord for His steadfast Love (118:1-4, Romans 8:37-39)

  • Trust in the Lord who is on Your side (118:5-9, 1 John 4:4)

  • Be Strong in the name of the Lord who gives You victory (118:10-12)

  • Sing for Joy to the Lord of Your salvation (118:13-18, Col. 1:13-14)

  • Praise the Lord that He answers Your Prayers (118:19-21, Phil. 4:6)

  • Rejoice at how the Lord works in marvelous ways (118:22-24, Mark 8:31)
  • Bless the Lord for the Saviour He sends (118:25-29, Mark 11:9-10)

Each of our lives are a reflection of the grace of God. May we receive that grace and live in light of it.