I'm New Vision


Any Canadian knows that you can't play hockey without nets. Take away the nets and the whole purpose for the game is gone. The players would lose enthusiasm and the game would ultimately go "nowhere".

In many ways, God has given us scriptural "nets" that define our purpose as a church. The statements on this page seek to summarize our understanding of how we need to focus our energy in order that we might increasingly become the church that God has called us to be.

OUR MISSION (Why we exist)

We exist to become a community of fully devoted and developed followers of Jesus Christ that reaches our world with His transforming love and truth.

OUR CORE PRIORITIES (How we fulfil our mission)

These core priorities are presented in draft form.   While we believe they capture the essence of what will guide our ministries moving forward, our church board and pastoral team are currently working to finalize their wording.

We will Glorify God as we Authentically Pursue ...

  1. A Growing Relationship with Jesus Christ

  • We are committed to Spirit-empowered transformation from the inside out.
  • We are committed to increasingly reflect the character and priorities of Christ in our everyday lives.
  • We are committed to life-long learning directed by the Bible that impacts our thoughts, emotions and actions.
  • We are committed to create space for God to form us through the intentional practice of spiritual disciplines.
  • We are committed to serve according to our God-given design.
  1. Caring Relationships with One Another

  • We are committed to building an environment of grace and truth where each person is challenged and encouraged toward growth in their spiritual journey.
  • We are committed to building a supportive environment where needs are safely shared and appropriately met.
  • We are committed to the family of God in its intergenerational and intercultural diversity.
  • We are committed to stewarding our resources and processes with godly order.
  1. Meaningful Relationships with Our Neighbours

  • We are committed to "be a blessing" within the various contexts Christ has placed us.
  • We are committed to extend the love and truth of Christ to our geographical neighbourhood, our city, our region, our nation and our world as God opens opportunities to us.
  • We are committed to support the people of our congregation as they seek to impact those in their various spheres of influence.

OUR STRATEGY(How we will accomplish our mission)

  • We cultivate real, caring relationships with unbelievers. 
  • We plant seeds of God's love and truth. 
  • We reap conversions as God brings the harvest. 
  • We grow in Biblical understanding and application. 
  • We care through small groups that provide authentic Christian community. 
  • We serve according to our spiritual gifts and passion. 
  • We share Christ's love with our peers and our world. 
  • We identify and train leaders.