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Thanks for your interest in being on a worship team at McKernan! As you can tell, we have a vibrant worship ministry here at the church as we place a high value on people using their gifts to serve the body of Christ. While we cannot guarantee there are spots for everyone on a Sunday morning team, we are always looking for substitutes! We would love to get to know you a bit.

Take some time (please set aside 15-20 minutes) to fill out the form below and someone will be in contact with you soon. Just so you are aware, we typically add new musicians in January/February, while other new musicians are utilized as substitutes (we often need one or two every week so there is ample opportunity). 

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How long have you been attending McKernan Baptist?
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PERSONAL INFORMATION At McKernan, we place a very high value on skill as well as heart. Not only are we interested in getting to know where you are at skillswise, we are also interested in where you are at in your relationship with God.

AVAILABILITY: Our current format at McKernan is as follows: we have 6 worship bands who rotate between the sanctuary and chapel meaning that each band is on every three weeks. Our bands typically practice on Saturday mornings though some of our band have had to do a weeknight.
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EXPECTATIONS We have some expectations of all of our worship team members. Please indicate that you would be able to commit to the following:

1. Personal Growth in your relationship with God

2. Commitment to the community at McKernan Baptist Church (attending the church when you are not serving is very important to us) and conduct when you are not serving that reflects the values and priorities of McKernan Baptist Church.

3. Positive attitude while serving.

4. Attendance and punctuality for Saturday practice and Sunday morning.

5. Commitment to growth in your instrument and musical abilities.

6. Adherence to McKernan Baptist’s Statement of beliefs (

Thanks for taking the time to fill this out! We appreciate your willingness to be involved and look forward to getting to know you!