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Devotional Guide for Saturday, February 9

John 12:1-11

We usually miss the scandal that was involved in this situation between Jesus and Mary. What would it be like to be a fly on the wall here? Surely many others in attendance would have had reactions ranging from being uncomfortable to outrage and disgust. Back in those times it would have been shocking for a woman to let her hair down like that in public. It would have been surprising to see Mary take the position of a servant by attending to Jesus’ feet. And as Judas demonstrated, there would have been outrage at the seemingly wastefulness of Mary dumping all that valuable perfume on Jesus’ feet.  But Mary seemed to have just one concern: expressing her love and adoration to Jesus. She didn’t seem to give a thought to how it was being perceived by the people in the room around her. She was compelled to do this act of worship, and nothing would stop her. 

In what ways might Jesus be inviting you to express your worship to Him today? What would it look like if we were less concerned about keeping up appearances with the people around us, but could just fully enter into worship like Mary did?

Pastor Dave


  • Pray that God’s Spirit would work powerfully and effectively in all the various activities taking place on our church calendar this weekend. 
  • Pray for our Young Adults & Worship Arts Pastor, Daunavan Buyer, his family and his interns, Stephen Alksne, Calvin Robert, and Grant Mix.
  • Pray for our Congregational Life Pastor, Christine Okken. 
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