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Devotional Guide for Wednesday, March 13

1 John 1:5-2:2

There is a dirty little three letter word that begins with ‘s’ that our culture doesn’t want us talking about anymore. And the culture’s influence has meant that many of us are no longer using the word either. No, it’s not ‘sex’; our culture has no issue with talking about sex. The word is ‘sin’. Two generations ago, almost every church used this word frequently--too frequently. The proverbial pendulum result is that, for fear of being labelled legalistic or not being accepted, there is tremendous avoidance of lovingly identifying sinful actions. We hide behind a distorted understanding of grace. Yes, sometimes both of these three letter words are found in the same place, and we are reluctant to call out the sin. Sexual sins (as well as a host of other sins) are not only commonplace in the world, they are increasingly right in the church.
Why do you think Jesus is never ever permissive of sin? When have you participated in a godly encounter with someone’s sinfulness? What is the cost of allowing ourselves or others to continue with sinful activity? How will your honesty with your own sin provide a pathway for others to also receive the forgiveness our souls crave?

Pastor Dan


  • Pray for the Prime Minister, Premier Notley, Mayor Iveson, your MP, your MLA, and any other government officials God brings to mind.
  • Pray for Dave Schneider, our Youth Ministry Pastor. 
  • Pray for our Daycare in its service to children and their families this week.  Pray for the director, Kristy Thomas.
  • Pray for Karen Alksne, our Congregational Life Intern.
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