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Devotional Guide for Monday, May 13

Psalm 22

There are times in our lives when we might wonder where God is.  David cried out, “Lord, do not be far from me” when God seemed silent. And yet David trusted in God’s ultimate provision. Our thoughts might echo that of David; even so, we can trust that we are not forsaken. In spite of the most desperate and dire of circumstances, David finds comfort and consolation in the finished work of God. “He has done it” is David’s confident conclusion. That statement acknowledges David’s faith that no matter what he may be going through, the victory has already been won.  

We know that faith in Jesus to be our Lord and Saviour does not grant us immunity from the trials of life. But we can confidently assert that the victory has been won and it is Jesus who has done it. The promises of God are strong, and we can trust that God will stay true to His word.  He has not despised or scorned those who suffer, and he has not hidden His face from those who are in trouble.  

Pastor Mike 


  • Pray for Pastor Lyle, his family and ministry.
  • Pray for Eric Peters, Facility Manager; Custodians, Adit Gamble, Stan Goodnough and Anne King; Maintenance, Joe Richards.
  • Pray for our Church Board members: Barbara Whidden, Bee Stiansen, Cam Klapstein, Darryl Sparling, Gerhard Hiob, Julie Leverette, Marvin Schneider, Matt Barker, Matt Chute, Mike Pedde, and Nick Mitchell.
  • Pray for our office staff: Robin Radke and Naomi Voss; Bookkeeper Lynette Carlson.
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