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Devotional Guide for Thursday, July 11

Psalm 130

What do you do when it seems like the bottom has fallen out from under your life?  What is your response to the different forms of suffering that are pressed upon you?  Today’s Psalm gives us a picture of what it looks like to face and live through our suffering.  The author is honest with God and doesn’t hold back on how he sees his current situation and offers this honesty in the form of a prayer.  By praying, he is acknowledging God is real and is concerned about his life and he believes God will do something.  The author states that he is waiting and watching.  He expects God to act. It is a hard thing to wait for the situations in our life to change, but don’t allow the suffering to keep you from waiting and watching for God to work in your own life.  

Pastor Terry

Pray for Cornerstone Counselling Centre
Cornerstone Counselling Centre would like to thank McKernan Baptist Church for supporting our mission of demonstrating the love of Christ by providing professional counselling services to help people become renewed and whole. To date, Cornerstone has helped over 80,000 people create a better future for themselves and their families.We believe that everyone should have access to affordable counselling when they need it, and we ensure accessibility by offering fee subsidies to clients who could not otherwise afford services. As a non-profit, all of the funds we raise are directed to our Compassion Fund, which allows us to offer subsidized counselling to community members with low to no income. We also offer courses and workshops as a way to facilitate important conversations about mental health. Please pray that Cornerstone will have the opportunity to show God’s love to people and help those affect by mental illness in our community.  

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