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Devotional Guide for Friday, August 23

Isaiah 58

I think it can be easy for us to limit our relationship with God simply to our own spiritual growth. This can seem like a noble and even ‘biblical’ idea but what we see in today’s passage is a scathing rebuke against a spirituality that is not altruistic. In the beginning of the chapter we read how Israel would fast, expecting that God would move in a powerful way among them, but experience nothing of the sort. Their fasting was for their benefit only, as they were ignoring the poor and oppressed among them. God’s response to them is beautiful and convicting. He says “is not this the fast I choose; to loose the bonds of wickedness… to let the oppressed go free, to break every yoke… to share your bread with the hungry… THEN shall your light break forth like the dawn, and your healing shall spring up speedily.” This whole chapter is a reminder of what God cares about. He doesn’t want us filling our lives with ‘spiritual stuff’ while neglecting the practical needs around us. 

How is God inviting you to meet the needs of those around you?

Pastor Daunavan


  • Pray for our Lead Team Pastor, Terry Okken. 
  • Pray for Erin Gibbard, Youth Ministry Assistant.
  • Pray for all our small group leaders. 
  • Pray for the ministry of International Student Ministries.
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