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Devotional Guide for Monday, September 9

Philippians 1:1-2

First impressions. One article I read stated that within the first seven seconds people already start to make judgments about people they meet. To make a great first impression we are told we need to assert ourselves, take on a power pose, establish our dominance. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with making a good first impression. However, it might be a good idea to think about what we are trying to accomplish with that initial encounter. In Matthew 20 Jesus addresses the notion that was as prevalent in the culture of that day as it is today. To paraphrase Jesus, He said, “You know how in the world they want to assert their power…, not so with you.”  

Paul begins the book of Philippians by making a strong first impression, though not by taking a power pose.  He establishes his position as a slave for Jesus. He asserts that this letter is written for every believer in Philippi from the least to the greatest, and that above all else he wants the grace of God and the peace of Christ to rest on all who hear this letter. As we embark on this letter to the Philippians, I pray that we too will live out Paul’s humble first impression to point people beyond us to the person of Jesus Christ.  

Pastor Mike


  • Pray for Pastor Lyle, his family and ministry.
  • Pray for Eric Peters, Facility Manager; Custodians, Adit Gamble, Stan Goodnough and Anne King; Maintenance, Joe Richards.
  • Pray for our Church Board members: Barbara Whidden, Bee Stiansen, Cam Klapstein, Darryl Sparling, Gerhard Hiob, Julie Leverette, Matt Barker, Matt Chute, Mike Pedde, Nick Mitchell, Seth Jansen, and Tyler Elmgren.
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