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Devotional Guide for Thursday, October 12

Luke 17:11-19


I have read this passage numerous times and I am continually challenged by the response of the nine lepers.  All ten who had leprosy came near to Jesus and asked Jesus to have pity on them.  Did you notice that part? They came near Jesus, but stood at a distance.  They wanted something from Jesus, but were not really wanting Jesus to see them up close, or get to know them.  Jesus had pity on them, healed them, and nine of them didn’t even stop to thank Jesus for answering their request and showing pity.  It’s as if they had an entitlement attitude.  They were entitled to Jesus’ pity.  After reading this passage I am forced to stop and reflect on my own life and examine if I am more like the 9 than the 1.  Have I taken an entitled stance in my life and kept Jesus at a distance, or am I truly thankful, draw near to Jesus and say “thank you”?

Pastor Terry


  • Pray for all our small group leaders.
  • Pray for our Congregational Life Pastors, Sharon Harewood and Christine Okken.
  • Pray for Hockey Ministries International. Hockey Ministries International is a sports mission that has been proclaiming the message of Jesus Christ in the world of hockey since 1977. HMI conducts Christian Hockey Camps for youth in 6 countries; provides hockey chapels for players on some 300 teams in over 40 leagues; publishes hockey and faith related print resources and stages outreach programs at major hockey events. HMI’s newest program, HOME ICE, is designed to help hockey families to keep the lights burning at home and at the rink. HOME ICE, delivers articles, videos, testimonials, Bible studies and hockey chapel resources for arena families who can’t be at church regularly due to the demands of hockey schedules.
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