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Preparation for Sunday, March 11

Preparation for Sunday

Read 2 Samuel 23:20-24

Today Pastor Dan will be prompting us to hear what God is saying through a rather bizarre passage. Certainly, Benaiah thrived when he leaped out of his comfort zones into the adventure of following God. What fears do you think he needed to go through? The odds were clearly against Benaiah. How does defying the odds make this story all the better? Trace Benaiah’s story through Scripture and discover how he was groomed for great things.


As you read the passages, listen to how God is inviting you to shed any encumbrances that prevent you from living the adventure He promises. What are some great stories from your life that draw others to the glory of God? What are some dreams that God is gifting you with that scare you?


Pray for all those attending McKernan, as well as believers around the world to embrace the journey of adventure that Jesus desires for us to live. 

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