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Devotional Guide for Monday, June 11

MONDAY, June 11

1 Samuel 11:12-12:25


With the changing of the guard, so to speak, Samuel delivers his farewell address.  In it he establishes the fact that he has not carried out his responsibilities for his own personal gain.  He has done what he has out of his love for God and for God’s people.  In the spirit of that desire to honour God and protect the people, Samuel walks them through their history of pendulum swings toward and away from serving God.  Samuel concludes with a reminder of God’s commitment to His people and Samuel’s promise to pray for them and teach them what is good and right.  He also warns about the consequences of persistent rejection of God and choosing evil instead. The great news is that we continue to live with a promise of God’s presence in our lives.  The hard truth is that we also experience swings toward and away from God.  Samuel’s warnings of the consequences of living with no regard for God and rejecting His desire for us to walk in obedience should still cause us to evaluate our own situation. Which way is the pendulum swinging in our life? Who do we have that will help us see ways we can continue to move closer to Jesus every day?

Pastor Mike


  • Pray for Brittany Lewis, Athletes in Action (Power to Change). AIA is a ministry that seeks to collectively, as well as individually spread the gospel of Jesus Christ by building movements of evangelism and discipleship through spiritual multipliers in the athletic world. We long to see a multiplying disciple on every team and in every sporting community in Canada.  As an AIA Campus Staff I serve as a minister, leading and actively fostering spiritual growth among groups of amateur and varsity athletes.  This is done through their devotion to God, leadership development, and the application of biblical principles. I am working to become a certified personal trainer. I also love practicing hospitality and creating an environment where others feel welcome, comfortable and safe.
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