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Devotional Guide for Wednesday, June 13

1 Samuel 13:16-22


During the last few weeks we have seen Israel and the people that lead it rise and fall in their awareness of the immense position they have as the chosen people of God. At times they are fist pumping in victory and then swiftly they shrivel in fear and disillusionment. That is where we meet them in today’s passage. Because of asserting their own plans, they have become overwhelmed in dismay and anxiety. The enemy of the LORD is relentless. The persistent jabbing of the raiding parties has caused weakness in the camp. Discouragement, followed by fatigue is highly contagious amongst those that have forgotten who they really are. When the child of God drifts, the enemy’s relentless bombardment of blows cause considerable damage. How are you experiencing the ‘raiding parties’ of the enemy? Are you struggling with your identity in Christ? Repent of any waywardness. Renounce the lies that are entangling you. Reclaim your true identity as a child of the Most High. Knowing who you truly are as you trust God with your entire life empowers you to claim 2 Corinthians 10:3-5 for the strength to overcome. Make this a day that you go into battle ready to accomplish all that God desires to do through you!

Pastor Dan


  • Pray for the Prime Minister, Premier Notley, Mayor Iveson, your MP, your MLA, and any other government officials God brings to mind.
  • Pray for Dave Schneider, our Youth Ministry Pastor.
  • Pray for our Daycare in its service to children and their families this week. Pray for the director, Kristy Thomas.
  • Pray for our Congregational Life Pastor, Mike Bartusek and his family.
  • Pray for Karen Alksne, our Congregational Life Intern.
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