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Devotional Guide for Monday, July 9

1 Samuel 27


Just prior to this, Saul had once again promised David he would not harm him.  David would not fall for this ploy to gain trust, as Saul had proven to be a liar on more than one occasion.  Here we see David coming to a place where he feels like he has very few options.  And yet what we do not see here is David asking God to direct his path.  Where is the familiar “So David inquired of the Lord”?   Instead, we see that David weighed his options and decided that in order to escape from Saul’s pursuit he must align with the enemy.  I would say that this is not one of the high points in the life of David.  Here we see David and his men in a season where they have to rely on misdirection and brutality to survive.  While I am not going to totally vilify David for this, at the same time I wonder what the story of David would be if he would have asked God for direction for this time in his life. 


David did what he thought was best, and he had to live with the consequences of that choice.  What choices do we need to make that we should ask God for his leading? 

Pastor Mike


  • Pray for Pastor Lyle, for his family and his ministry.
  • Pray for Eric Peters, Facility Manager; Custodians, Adit Gamble, Stan Goodnough and Anne King; Maintenance, Joe Richards.
  • Pray for our Church Board members: Bee Stiansen, Cam Klapstein, Darryl Sparling, Gerhard Hiob, Julie Leverette, Marvin Schneider, Matt Barker, Matt Chute, Mike Pedde, and Nick Mitchell.
  • Pray for our office staff: Robin Radke and Naomi Voss; Bookkeeper Lynette Carlson.
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