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Devotional Guide for Tuesday, April 6

1 Corinthians 15:1-26


As a small group we have been studying the Gospel of John, using the Bible study material from “Core Christianity”. We pondered the importance of the resurrection of Christ. The resurrection is key to our entire faith. We see in today’s passage that Paul says if Jesus were not resurrected, then our entire faith is meaningless (v14). Our study said that “without Easter Sunday, Good Friday isn’t good. It’s tragic” and that “resurrection is the opposite of death, the reversal of death.” Resurrection is the reversal of death for Jesus, and for all those who believe. Our faith is about God making dead people alive (Eph. 2:5). Our faith is not about us becoming a better version of ourselves, but going from being dead to being alive by the Spirit that God breathes in us. The Good News that we have to share is that God can make alive what is dead.


I remember an elderly lady that had recently come to Christ. She was expressing her gratitude for salvation. She said, “The Lord has given this dead woman life! Just look at me! I have become young and beautiful!” It was visibly true!
“And life is worth the living, just because He lives!”

Pastor Jerilyn


  • For those who need to be encouraged in heart and united in love.
  • Pray through the prayer section in our online program.
  • Pray for our Congregational Life Pastor, Mike Bartusek and his family.
  • Pray for our Hospitality Coordinator, Irene Dickau.
  • Pray for our Custodians, Adit Gamble, Stan Goodnough and Anne King; Facilities Manager, Joe Richards.
  • Pray for our office staff: Robin Radke, Jane Hao, Naomi Voss; Bookkeeper Lynette Carlson.
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