MELL Volunteers

Volunteers and resource people are needed to make this ministry successful.
Prayerfully consider how you might be involved.

Sign up to volunteer by the Missions map between Sunday services or fill out the volunteer registration form below by March 20th.

Volunteers are encouraged to sign up for our Deepen Conference on Saturday, March 25th, to learn how to minister to newcomers coming to Canada.

*Denotes Required Field

Have you worked with English Language Learners? (Check one)

How would you like to directly support this new mission ministry for our first English class? (Check those you are willing to do.)

If you are willing to act as an interpreter, which languages do you speak?


Which skills do you have and are willing to share that may help newcomers to Canada?

What might you offer to newcomers that may not be listed on this form?

I can attend the Deepen Conference on March 25th about cross-cultural ministry and training to work with new English Language Learners.