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  • This is a Beginner-level class (currently closed)
  • Classes are scheduled for Saturday mornings and Wednesday evenings


  • This is a conversational class 
  • Prerequisite is MELL-1


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Registration is Closed

In the past year, MBC has sponsored a number of refugees to Canada. We have become increasingly aware of some of the unique needs and challenges of newcomers. Some of the obstacles of newcomers (refugees, foreign students, temporary foreign workers, permanent residents) are:

  • Everyday living skills (E.g. finding a place to live, shopping for groceries, transportation, locating a doctor)
  • Understanding their rights and responsibilities for living in a Canadian democracy
  • Developing skills to join the workforce and interact with others
  • Finding a place to belong in their local community
  • And learning English

Canada is currently experiencing the greatest immigration of newcomers than at any time in our nation’s history.  As a result, newcomers find it challenging to locate enough spaces in English Language Learning classes.  We offer a beginner-level McKernan English Language Learning (MELL) ten-week class to the first fifty (50) students who register.

This MELL ministry will seek to support our MBC Mission statement: 
Right Relationships: God. One Another. Our Neighbour.


  • Giving newcomers opportunities to discover/support their faith in God
  • Offering a safe, caring place to belong within a faith community
  • Building authentic relationships cross-culturally with our new neighbours
  • Providing an opportunity to develop English skills on which to build a successful life in Canada