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Devotional Guide for Saturday, April 6

James 5:13-20

James’ advice here is essentially that any season we find ourselves in, whether it’s a season of hardship or a season of thriving, our response should be to turn towards God. If we’re in trouble, then pray. If we’re happy, we praise. If we’re sick, let’s gather and pray. In everything we do, we have a reason to turn to God. The other aspect to this is that so many of the responses are to be done in community. When we’re sick, call the elders together to pray. When we have sinned, we’re to confess to each other and pray together, and when one of us wanders from the truth, the community is to come around them and bring them back. 

The life pictured here at the end of the book of James is a faith that is pointed to God in every situation, and expressed most fully in community. What situation are you facing today? How can you turn to God in the middle of it and how can you bring your community around you as you go through it as well? 

Pastor Dave


  • Pray that God’s Spirit would work powerfully and effectively in all the various activities taking place on our church calendar this weekend. 
  • Pray for our Young Adults & Worship Arts Pastor, Daunavan Buyer (on sabbatical), his family and his interns, Stephen Alksne, Julia Brown, Calvin Robert, and Grant Mix.
  • Pray for our Congregational Life Pastor, Christine Okken. 
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