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Devotional Guide for Thursday, March 26

Matthew 21:18-27
As a kid I was always fascinated by this passage and how the fig tree was healthy one day and then it wasn’t.  As we look at today’s passage, the scholars believe Jesus was using the fig tree as an example and indicator of Israel’s spiritual condition.  The leaves on the fig tree suggest that it was healthy and would produce fruit, but no fruit was found on the tree. As we live out our daily lives in the midst of this new reality we find ourselves in, may the people around us find us to be people who are fruit-bearing Christians.  Now is a perfect time to showcase what being a follower of Jesus Christ really means and how following Jesus helps us in these uncertain times.               
Pastor Terry
Pray for Bonnie Nikkel – Navigators of Canada
For over 50 years, The Navigators of Canada have come alongside people who desire a deeper connection with God by offering a transformative and holistic mentoring relationship.
As a community mentor, I choose to be faithfully present with women in their communities and neighbourhoods, intentionally equipping them to confidently live out their faith and, in turn, help others know Jesus. I’m also available to our national leadership as a consultant on issues of staff care for our staff across Canada. I don’t do this work alone.  The Navigators has a city team here in Edmonton with members that minister to students on campus, to the Arabic speaking population and to neighborhoods and local churches.  Thank you McKernan for your partnership both financially and in your prayers for me.  This partnership means so much to me. Your generosity and your prayers enable me to devote myself to the work God has called me to. I am so grateful. Together we are making a difference here in Edmonton.

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