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Preparation for Sunday, June 28

Mark 4:35-41


Today Pastor Dave will be preaching from a well-known passage in Mark 4 where Jesus calms the storm. One of the things we don’t often realize is that it was Jesus’ idea for the disciples to get into the boat and cross the lake in the first place. They were right in the centre of His will for them, being obedient and following Jesus’ leading, and that’s when they found themselves in the middle of a storm, scared for their lives. Through this story we see Jesus both demonstrating His care for the disciples, and His ability to fulfil His purposes for them.

  • What is it about our current circumstances that makes you feel worried of afraid?
  • In spite of that, how have you seen God at work in our current reality?
  • What is a time in your life when you weren’t sure how things would turn out, but Jesus came through for you?
  • What would it look like for you to trust Jesus with your circumstances now?


  • Pray that God would effectively be at work in our church and in all His churches throughout our city today.
  • Pray for our Children’s Ministry Director, Jerilyn Bayer, her interns Blythe Knapczyk, Emma Chang, Katia Huellstrung, Kesia Silva, Precious Okome, Sunita Faszer, and her Ministry Assistant Annette Faszer.     
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