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Devotional Guide for Saturday, August 1

Psalm 141


We are constantly barraged by people, perspectives and things trying to influence and draw us in towards them. Whether it’s in the music we listen to, the shows we watch, or the people we follow, we’re always being pulled one way or another. This Psalm talks about how enticing the speech and lifestyle of evil can be, but David’s prayer is to be kept from being drawn to evil, and his prayer is two-fold. First, that God would deliver him from evil, and second, that he would have people in his life who were bold enough to correct him. David talks about the importance and the blessing it is to have someone who is willing to rebuke and correct him.


Do you have anyone like this in your life? Someone who knows you well enough to see when you’re starting to head down a wrong path, and has the permission to speak into your life the things that might not be easy to hear? If not, what are the steps that you can start taking to be able to have someone like this in your life?

Pastor Dave


  • Pray that God’s Spirit would work powerfully and effectively in all the various Ministry Groups in our church this week as we face challenges of “being together”.
  • Pray for our Young Adults & Worship Arts Pastor, Daunavan Buyer, his family and his interns, Julia Brown and Grant Mix.
  • Pray for our Congregational Life Pastor, Christine Okken and her family.
  • Pray for our Daycare staff, the children and their families this week. Pray for the director, Kristy Thomas.
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