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Devotional Guide for Thursday, November 19

Acts 1:6-8, 6:6-10


We continue to pray around the focus of having a right relationship with our neighbour, and today we want to pray for our global neighbour. In Acts 1 we read how Jesus told the disciples to wait for the Holy Spirit to come and then go out and be witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria and to the ends of the earth. Jesus was and is concerned with all people, not just the ones closest to us and look just like us. As you take time to pray, I encourage you to look at a map of the world and allow the Holy Spirit to guide your prayer time for different areas of the world. As the Spirit leads, take time to research what is going on in those areas of the world so that you can pray more specifically.


Lord give us a heart for Your people no matter where they live. Help us to be a good witness of Your hope, love, truth and grace to people around the world. Help us as a church to know how to be, and what it looks like to be in a right relationship with our global neighbour.

Pastor Terry

Pray for Sam Nikkel – Resiliency Ministries

Resiliency Ministries seeks to provide pathways and resources to foster a culture of Resiliency amongst pastors in Western Canada. This organization was founded by Sam Nikkel in collaboration with a Board of Directors in 2019. Resiliency Ministries has gathered a team of teaching professionals and provides personal mentoring and events for pastoral renewal and revitalization. It seeks to address the urgent need that far too many great leaders are running out of steam in their inner lives and as a result, their marriages, families and ministries are suffering. The desire of Resiliency Ministries is to advance the kingdom by attending to pastors, so they are able to minister out of an overflowing joyful heart in all seasons of their lives. Resiliency Ministries works in partnership with Taylor Seminary, the Alberta Baptist Association, and Camp Caroline.

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