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Devotional Guide for Saturday, September 25

Romans 8:18-30


We don’t have to look very far to see suffering--on the news, in our families, among our friends, in our workplaces, and in our own lives. Suffering is part of life, but it can come out of nowhere and knock us off our feet. It can be confusing and unsettling and sometimes it’s hard to find God in the middle of it. Our suffering isn’t a surprise to God. Jesus suffered greatly. Sometimes we choose to put ourselves through a type of suffering for a future goal. I would put people who run marathon races in this category! Training takes a lot of work, pain, and perseverance that culminates in finishing a race. The difficulty of the training is worth it when they cross the finish line.

I am encouraged by these verses. If we add every single bit of suffering together, it will not be even close to the future hope and glory we have in Jesus Christ. And God has given us his Holy Spirit to sustain us until we arrive at our destination.


What does it look like to hope for what we do not yet have? (v24)

Erin Gibbard


  • Pray for our Digital Communications and Worship Ministries Intern, Julia Brown.
  • Pray for our Daycare staff, the children and their families this week. Pray for the Director, Kristy Thomas.
  • For those who need to be encouraged in heart and united in love.
  • Pray for our Audio/Visual Director, Grant Mix.
  • Pray that God’s Spirit would work powerfully and effectively in all the various Ministry Groups in our church this week.
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