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Devotional Guide for Friday, January 14

Luke 3:15-22


The people were confused. Was John the expectant and promised Messiah that would bring deliverance to God’s people from Rome and restore the kingdom to Israel?

For John, there was no confusion; he knew clearly his place and role. John was lowly and weak in comparison to the One who was coming. Jesus was so much greater that John didn’t even consider himself worthy or important enough to touch or be near Him. In fact, by making reference to tying the strap of someone’s sandals, a task only a slave would do, John considered himself even lower than a slave. Talk about humility!

It was rightly so that John would take a posture of immense humility because Jesus comes as the Saviour as well as the Judge; He holds the power and authority to baptize with the Holy Spirit as well as with fire (v16-17; Mal. 3:2). Despite His supremacy, Jesus chose to join with others in baptism even though He was sinless, as a way to identify with sinners in their need of forgiveness. Even at the start of His public ministry, we have a picture of Jesus stepping into and identifying with sinners – a foreshadow of the cross.


John knew who was coming, which helped shape his posture. In what ways does your view of Jesus affect your attitude and mindset? Jesus has identified with humankind. By doing so, He has taken the first step to bridging a relationship with us. Take some time this week to show gratitude and appreciation to God whether that is through prayer, music, or service.

Pastor Nathanael


  • Pray for our Daycare staff, the children and their families this week. Pray for the Director, Kristy Thomas as she is on sabbatical.
  • Pray for our Audio/Visual Director, Grant Mix.
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