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Preparation for Sunday, October 30

Romans 13:8-11; Luke 10:25-37
This weekend we have had the privilege of hosting our denominational “Greater Edmonton Mission’s Conference.” In keeping with the focus of the weekend, this morning we welcome Kerry Bender (VP of International Missions for our denomination) as our speaker. In preparation for Kerry’s message, read the passages above and give some thought to what it might mean for you to more intentionally and practically love your “neighbour,” both locally and internationally.

  • Thank God for all that has happened in our church during this weekend of the Mission Conference and pray that we would move forward with a posture more aligned to God’s heart for our community and our world.
  • Ask God to work in your heart and in the hearts of all who will be attending our services online or in person today.


  • Pray that those who are new to the church will be welcomed and find meaningful relationships.
  • Pray for our Children’s Ministry Pastor, Jerilyn Bayer.
  • Pray for the Children’s Ministry Associate, Annette Faszer. Pray for the Children’s Ministry Assistants: Abigail, Amelia, Blythe, Clarissa, Domina, Jenna, Sarah, and Sunita.
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