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Healing Prayer Ministry provides support and care to individuals who desire to move toward spiritual wholeness and maturity in Christ (Colossians 1:9-14 & 28).

Do you long for inner freedom and peace? Do you feel stuck, whether in outward circumstances or inner thought patterns? Are you struggling and wonder how God is present with you?

This ministry seeks God’s healing for the whole person – heart, spirit, soul and body – through the person and work of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit. It is not counselling, but intentional listening prayer in community where we bring our brokenness, illness, and beliefs before God, seeking His truth, healing and restoration.

Ministry appointments (also known as MAs) are scheduled meetings between a person seeking healing and a team of 2-3 team members. We explore an individual’s story and pray as the Holy Spirit leads. It is confidential, free and a valuable step for anyone to take in their spiritual journey.

Our ministry consists of lay-based followers of Jesus Christ who have obtained training through Desert StreamsEllel Canada, or similar organizations. They serve on the team on a voluntary basis.

To learn more about Healing Prayer Ministry contact Melissa Chaffee, Congregational Life Pastor at 780-436-0611 or email her.

To schedule a ministry appointment, please fill out the online application and waiver form below. This confidential form will be directly sent to Pastor Melissa.

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